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Stayed updated on all news Runescape Mobile

August 4, 2023ByOSRS GUIDES

We’re back to give you a proper in-depth look at the potential new UI for mobile! Let’s talk about our goals for this rework, andRead More

June 22, 2022ByOSRS GUIDES

This week, we’re introducing a holiday event full of love and dazzling colours! It’s Pride 2022! Pride 2022Pride Month is a time to celebrate LGBTQIA+Read More

June 1, 2022ByOSRS GUIDES

After a couple of Betas, we’re finally ready to release the newest version of the mobile client for Android and iOS devices! It’s been anRead More

Proposed Mobile User Interface Changes OSRS

May 19, 2022ByOSRS GUIDES

If you haven’t been living under a rock crab for the past year or so, you’ll know all about our plans to upgrade the existingRead More

April 20, 2022ByOSRS GUIDES

Today’s game update will take the game offline for approximately 30 minutes as perform some final checks. We’re aiming to have the game resume asRead More

Nex Achievements and Loot Keys

February 23, 2022ByOSRS GUIDES

Issues and Hotfixes Last Updated Issue Our Response February 23rd, 12:00 GMT Due to Nex’s expensive drop calculations, Combat Achievements inadvertently called too much codeRead More

Android Beta Recap And Next Steps OSRS

December 15, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

We’re delighted to wrap up our first ever Android Beta this week! For the past couple of weeks, a select group of players have beenRead More

Old School RuneScape mobile access issue

December 9, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

Game Versions: We’re aware that some iOS mobile players are unable to stay logged into Old School RuneScape. Our initial investigations indicate that this mayRead More

Android Beta and Gold Sink Changes

November 24, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

Your Feedback And Our Actions (November 24th) Your Feedback Our Response Magic Stones were not purchasable from Keldagrim Stonemason’s Shop. This is now resolved andRead More

November 3, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

This week, we bring you the Mobile Beta Signups, an update on the Duel Arena and some smaller QoL changes. Android Beta Signup Whether you’reRead More

The Beginners Guide to Old School RuneScape Mobile (OSRS)

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

Email Linking for Mobile Accounts Runescape

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

Mobile ChangesLinking an Email Address to Mobile Accounts Accounts created through mobile can once again be linked to an email address. This can be doneRead More

Mobile Connectivity Issues

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

20 December 2019 Mobile Connectivity IssuesWe are investigating an issue where players on certain networks are currently unable to log in on mobile. We recommendRead More

Mobile Anniversary OSRS

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

This week we’re celebrating Old School Mobile’s first birthday, and adding hotspots to the Bounty Hunter Beta!Old School Mobile’s 1st Birthday!It’s been one whole yearRead More

Global Launch of Old School Mobile!

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

30 October 2018 Old School RuneScape Mobile: Play Now!Winter 2017 is finally here – Old School RuneScape has arrived on mobile!It’s time to adventure anywhereRead More

OSRS Mobile: iOS Test Sign Up

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

17 August 2018 On Thursday 30th August we’ll be launching our second, and final, closed iOS beta. A closed beta means that it’s invite-only. WeRead More

Nordic Soft Launch and Mobile Changes

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

23 August 2018 This week’s game update brings the Android Nordic Soft Launch, improvements to the yield for bushes and other crops and an AccountRead More

OSRS Mobile: Android Members Beta

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

05 July 2018 After a series of incredibly successful closed testing periods, it’s time for Old School RuneScape Mobile on Android to make the jumpRead More

OSRS Mobile: Android Always On – More Invites

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

22 May 2018 The Android beta has been ‘Always On’ for nearly two weeks. We’re happy with how it’s going so far, so it’s timeRead More

OSRS Mobile: More Players Always On!

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

25 May 2018 The next group of Android invitees are now ‘Always On’! At 2pm BST today we sent inbox messages and emails to anotherRead More

OSRS Mobile: iOS Beta Beginning

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

13 April 2018 On Tuesday 10th April we sent invitations to 5,431 players to participate in the first iOS beta test. From 2pm BST today,Read More

OSRS Mobile: Android results and iOS beta

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

26 March 2018 We’ve been somewhat quiet since the Android beta came and went last month. That isn’t to say that we haven’t been hardRead More

OSRS Mobile: Data and Battery Blog

June 25, 2021ByOSRS GUIDES

24 January 2018 This is an edited version of the news post published on 22nd January 2018. As we gear up to begin closed betaRead More

OSRS Mobile Updates - Old School Runescape Guides (2024)
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